Who we are and why we do this

We are three siblings, we are tailors with more than 50 years of experience, product and fabric-loving designers, logistics experts, customer support heroes, online marketing enthusiasts, tailors who have found their home in Unterfranken but come from all over the world, finance gurus, cutting technicians, caretakers and many more heroes of the Czerny Manufaktur, who make a virtue out of necessity.

Our core business is affected by the current situation. We love our family business, which has been existing for over 75 years, and for this reason, we do everything we can to preserve it. Now in third generation, we design and create fashion with great passion and work with love on high-quality clothing and textiles. 

This knowledge and know-how, as well as the joy of new challenges, has led us three siblings of the third generation to bring happyMasken to life. We want to accompany you in the current situation with fashionable happyMasks through your everyday life and give you the opportunity to live your own individuality despite this "must haves".


Eva-Maria (left side of the picture) is responsible for purchasing our fabrics and components as well as the production. She accompanies our products along the value chain and makes sure that our products arrive just-in-time and in best quality. She maintains the relationship with our suppliers & partners by staying in close contact and constant exchange. Due to her good intuition for product quality - only high-quality cotton fabrics free of harmful substances and pesticides make it onto our sewing tables.

Felix is our financial expert and responsible for business development and online marketing. With his experience as a strategy consultant he drives our projects forward, develops new concepts and strategies and makes sure that even more of you out there get to know our happyMasks & Accessories.

Magdalena is our creative mind. She is responsible for the creative department and gives the impulses from product design to the conceptioning of the marketing campaigns. We made use of her experience as a fashion designer and passion for prints so that it became the distinctive characteristic of our happyMasks. The designs for our new happyAccessories also originate from her and so every product is designed with love.