What makes a good mask?


Wearing a face mask has been recommended since Corona and is compulsory in public places such as public transport. The WHO recommends wearing a mouth and nose covert to prevent the virus from spreading further and to protect others. Fabric masks avoid breathing droplets, which are expelled by talking, coughing or sneezing, from circulating. This reduces the risk of people without symptoms transmitting the virus - especially in places where social distance measures are difficult to maintain.


4 tips you should pay attention to when buying & wearing a fabric mask

1. Several layers of fabric

The fabric mask should be double-layered to avoid the risk of droplets being transmitted.

2. Nose band

A nose band is essential so that the mask fits your face tightly and doesn't slip. It ensures a good fit for your mask and you can adjust it to the shape of your face.

3. Rubber band

Your mask should have rubber bands that you can individually adapt to the shape of your face. This is extremely important because the mask must fit tightly to the sides. At the same time, it should not be too tight, so that it does not cut in and fits comfortably when you wear the mask for a longer period.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting the masks is important to kill the viruses. Therefore, choose a mask that you can wash in the washing machine at 60°.



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